Dog Walking Plus

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We will walk and play with your dog for A MINIMUM of 15 minutes. If your pet wants to walk more, we'll keep going! We want to take your dog where you want and where he/she likes. If your dog isn't a long walker, lots of petting and tummy rubs will be substituted! This rate also includes feeding and fresh water per your instructions. Mind you, this 15-Plus is QDT (Quality Doggie Time) designated ENTIRELY to your dog. The other dog chores won't take away from that time. (If you live outside of the 5 mile radius of our home, additional fees may apply) If you have MORE THAN ONE DOG and you would like each dog walked seperately, you must select this item plus Dog Walking Companion. Special needs dogs are certainly welcome! Elderly, handicapped, or dogs requiring medication are not a problem. We would like to take extra time to meet with you to learn more about your dog's needs! PLUS....We will pick up your mail and bring it into your home, water your plants, and any other basic home care assistance you may require.
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